The Reohob Initiative For Rural Electrification is a vision that will bring so many advantages to the chosen communities and improve the standard of living, from health, to education, to innovation, to security and every aspect of human life.

The advantages of power supply can be overemphasized when it comes to development and this Initiative is going to play a big role in the development of the Nation and the continent.

THE VISION We believe that Clean Affordable Energy For Everyone in Africa is possible. #CAEFA.
THE MISSION To make power supply available to rural areas that have little or no access to the grid in Nigeria first and Africa at large using renewable energy.. .

The aims and objectives of the association are:

  • To provide free alternative power supply through renewable energy for rural areas that lack access to electricity.
  • To create awareness for usage of renewable energy in preservation of the general environs;
  • To protect, preserve and promote usage of renewable energy for rural residents;
  • To provide conducive environment for usage and conservation of renewable energy within the rural environs;
  • To pool resources together for the overall sustained development of renewable energy; and
  • To co-operate and partner with Individuals, Corporate Entities (both local and international) and government parastatals and non- governmental organizations at all levels to attract social amenities and enhance development in rural areas with inadequate or lacking electricity


Solar Systems Solutions is our means and Africa has an even greater abundance of renewable energy resources, especially the Sun. Unfortunately, of the nearly 1.5 billion people estimated to lack electricity supply world over, half live in Africa. ” Nigeria alone is estimated to have over 90 million people living without electricity supply, according to the World Bank,’ ’

Then we must make sure we move at full speed in proactive solution for scaling up renewable energy in Africa. The significance is not just for the continent to save up her major natural resources in generating power such as; crude oil, fossils fuel, coal etc., but also for the benefit of many individuals who live below the standards of living and cannot afford the luxury of electric power. Which brings us to the reason for creating this initiative.

“We have taken this up by creating an initiative, which would involve us using our expertise and funds to push this renewable energy advantages to areas where it is mostly needed and people that can really not afford it.”

Contacts channels are open on the page for individuals, company and organization that would love to partner with us in this vision, we look forward to making Nigeria a better country and Africa a great continent with your support. #CAEFA.

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