For the Buy now, Pay Later option -

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There is a process of verification and eligibility for interested persons to determine their capability of making repayments without defaulting. - It is a 1 month to 6 months payments option plan. Please note, not every intending client that applies get the approval and the approval can be either full or partial, meaning, It may be fully funded, partially funded or not funded at all, if the the verification process is not conclusive as to the intending client’s ability to pay back.

Verification process includes: Checking if the intending client has taken a loan before or not if such a loan was serviced properly without defaulting, bank statements and valid means of identification.

For intending clients who want the “Buy now Pay Later Option” you are expected to kindly send us an e-mail on “ and copy “ or put a call through to us to speak to any of customer care representatives. The orders should be placed based on the capacity of interest: once the order is placed, the company will process the order and a link for verification and completion of the order would be sent to the intending client’s e-mail. When the verification process is done and completed, the order will be approved and the inverter and solar system would be supplied to the address provided and installation will be done by the company top class engineers and a warranty card or letter would be issued to the client.

There is a 4% interest rate monthly on every order and other terms and conditions apply. Thanks.”

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