Reohob Limited has several years of experience as a Renewable energy and Security systems company. We are a fully registered and licensed company providing quality top-class services to many homes, communities, organisations, institutions, hospitals, farms and so on.

Our vision on the renewable energy arm of the business is to make power supply accessible to all of man kind, and we have chosen to go through the more sustainable way to achieve this. We hope than in less than a decade from now, every home in Nigeria would have access to alternative power supply, by having a Solar-inverter system installed.

The Security Systems arm of the business is more envisioned towards securing lives and properties with modern systems and machines that are effective, safe and easy to operate. This Systems can be use in every institution and organisations, especially in public and crowded areas. We believe safety is also as important as power generation.

We deal in top class products, we keep our quality in check and our services are top class when it comes to satisfying client/customer's needs. It is top priority for us at Reohob Ltd. to concentrate not only on sale but also on after sales services.

In doing this we also consider affordability, which brings about our mission, which is to make sure every persons and homes in Nigeria and Africa at large have access to safe alternative- renewable power supply at an affordable cost.

We are determined to use the best gifts of nature to suit the needs of mankind, the one that renews naturally and causes less harm to the world at large (with great consideration of the global warming challenges and protecting the environment, while preserving the future of earth). We believe with our work and business ethics, we would achieve this.

As a company we are intensely focused and we are insanely motivated.

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I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next. RERE. OBAISI, CEO